I hereby declare and decree from this day forth the loving big brother

Army of Jesus Christ is his " Friends of the USA". 


Join Us Today -  The Body of Christ
The Almighty Army - The Kingdom of God

"Friends of the U.S.A."

God loves every one of his beloved children residing in the United States of America, He calls them "Friends of the U.S.A."HIS ARMY 

We are going to release the rebuke and blast of the breath of the Lord God against all the attacks of www.thealmightyfatherGod.com's ministry its members or  or visitors, and we rebuke all the powers of the air. for Satan has no portion at this table. This is The Lord The Almighty Father God's Table. ALL demonic witchcraft has no part in the workings of iniquity that the Devil or his kids are involved in. NO, NO. NO, They know to stand down right now because no one involved here plays with them. We return all the arrows of the enemy directly into the heart of the senders and we cover them with the almighty most powerful blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord loves all his "FRIENDS OF THE USA"
And wants all to lead the world against everything that diminishes God's will &

A Simple Prayer to help you stay on track.
My Lord Jesus if I need to repent of something you may be worried about, show me what that is, and help me to understand my errors clearly, help me please to once more align my will with yours so that I can again get back on the right track with you because I want to steward your presence. I want to stay where you are as long as I can. This is not the worse thing y'all this is a grace thing so when we start going in the wrong direction the holy spirit lovingly pulls us back and says hey come this way come over here this path is better.